zicasso launches drupal-powered web2.0 travel site

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three weeks ago, zicasso.com launched a drupal-powered free personalized online travel service that aims to connect travelers to a global network of quality, pre-screened travel companies. unlike many internet travel sites which provide cheap fares or packages, zicasso is targeted for busy, discerning travelers who want to plan and book complex trips (the ones with multiple destination stops or activities).

zicasso was favorably reviewed in popular web publications including; pc magazine, techcrunch, ars technica and the san jose business journal.

zicasso chose to build their application using the open-source cms system, drupal to leverage the wide array of web2.0 functionality provided by the open source community.

the application was rapidly constructed by a small development team led by cailin nelson and jenny dickinson. the team took advantage of "core" drupal modules including cck, panels, views, imagecache, workflow and actions.

using drupal, the team leveraged existing frameworks for much of the development including user authentication and management, workflow, security, administration, content management, blogging, tagging, text indexing and searching, sophisticated form flows, access control, search engine integration and optimization and image manipulation and management.

initial load testing demonstrated high application scalability, even with a fairly simple production deployment architecture.

This drupal stuff is

This drupal stuff is interesting, I like wordpress and I have actually never heard of drupal until tonight but its getting my attention.

Awesome site. Keep up the

Awesome site. Keep up the good work!

Good job. Why don't you pop

Good job. Why don't you pop by in Tanzania :-)

Site looks nice with great

Site looks nice with great functionality...Good work...

Could you please let me know

Could you please let me know who designed this site, please? I am looking to improve the look of my site to increase the traffic - yours is great! Thanks. Colin

This site is both beautiful

This site is both beautiful and functionally rich. Excellent work!
As someone new to Drupal could I possibly ask how many person-hours of work this took to craft?

Travel seems to be the hot

Travel seems to be the hot upcoming new industry deploying Drupal. If you know of any other Drupal Travel sites please add them here: http://groups.drupal.org/travel-industry

Great work.


Real nice and professional

Real nice and professional drupal site, although it's has somehow "washed" colors.
But, that is just my opinion.

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