lamp on amazon ec2 shaping up nicely

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recently i posted some encouraging performance benchmarks for drupal running on a variety of servers in amazon's elastic compute cloud. while the performance was encouraging, the suitability of this environment for running lamp stacks was not. ec2 had some fundamental issues including a lack of static ip addresses and no viable persistent storage mechanism.

amazon are quickly rectifying these problems, and recently announced elasic ip addresses; a "static" ip address that you own and can dynamically point at any of your instances.

today amazon indicated that persistent storage will soon be available. they claim that this storage will:

  • behave like raw, unformatted hard drives or block devices
  • be significantly more durable than the local disks within an amazon ec2 instance
  • support snapshots backed up to S3
  • support volumes ranging in size from 1GB to 1TB
  • allow the attachment of multiple volumes to a single instance
  • allow high throughput, low latency access from amazon ec2
  • support applications including relational databases, distributed file systems and hadoop processing clusters using amazon ec2

if this works as advertised, it will make ec2 a wonderful platform for your lamp application. amazon promise public availability of this service later this year.

I received an email

I received an email yesterday that the Amazon Elastic Block Store for Amazon EC2 is Now Available. Any early experiences?

Amazon released Elastic


Hello, John!

GREAT THANKS for your articles!!
They are the most useful information about Drupal performance I was happy to found!

my little question is:
Is it possible to run configuration that you described in "scaling drupal - an open-source infrastructure for high-traffic drupal sites" (I mean step 4 or 5) on ec2?

yes it is possible. i'd wait

yes it is possible. i'd wait for persistent storage before building anything more than a prototype ...

EC2 is quite good. A lot of

EC2 is quite good. A lot of blogs out there are dated with information - and there's a humorous rant/post from someone at Joyent about EC2... all points which are moot now. I enjoy your blog (because I'm dealing with a nightmare drupal site) and read it now and then. Glad to see you're playing with EC2 and given all the other nice posts about optimization solutions, thoughts, and tips, I'm really interested to see what you think and do with EC2. I don't have high traffic - but running a LAMP setup on EC2 has been super easy (getting a static ip is easy and should not even be an issue to bring up anymore) and everything has been great for me so far. Most important is the freedom and control you have compared to other things such as media temple's DV hosting.

I've personally been playing around with clustering and backup solutions. Specifically trying out ElasticDrive and PersistentFS. Very cool stuff, though I'm hoping Amazon's solution works out to be affordable and nice.

hah - was just logging on to

hah - was just logging on to post here that it looks like Persistent Storage is coming soon (apropos the Drupal-on-ec2 conversation we had a few months ago). Am hoping to get a test account to check it out!

Do let us know in case you do get to check it out before we do!


thanks for checking back. i

thanks for checking back. i also applied for a test account, so let's compare notes when we've had a chance to play with it.

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