digg made me an iPerson

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i started working at digg.com a few months ago. on my first day i was handed a brand new macbook pro. a reasonable person would have been delighted, but i was filled with dread. i had started a new high-pressure job, and the only tool at my disposal was a mac. not only that, i shuddered at the very thought of becoming an iPerson.

my most recent experience with apple had been extended subjection to a dog-slow powerpc running mac os 7. after which, i have always assumed macs to be fisher-price type devices, designed for those too misguided or incompetent to operate even a second-rate device like a wintel box.

so, i did what any sensible person would do under the circumstances: i configured my macbook to dual-boot ubuntu linux in addition to the dreaded mac os x. after all, what could be better? my good friend ubuntu running on the undeniably beautiful apple hardware.

i was so busy at work that it took me a couple of weeks before linux was running properly on my macbook, with wireless networking and all the hardware bells-and-whistles functioning normally. during this time, i was forced to use the dreaded os x, and a funny thing happened. i started to like it.

my mac never crashed or stalled, the graphical interface was intuitive and powerful. when i wanted to do something tricky, i broke out to the unix prompt. not only that, my omni software that i had feared to be janky copies of their windows counterparts, turned out to leaner and easier to use but with all the features i was used to.

so i admit it. i'm an iPerson. i love my mac and i'm o.k. with it. and guess what? i can't wait to buy a 3g iphone too. bring it on.

As a designer, I started out

As a designer, I started out on Mac back in the early 90's, but ran away for the same reason you sited. However, when shopping for yet another laptop (my HP literally split apart), I took a look at the new Macs and was so impressed (and curious at their legendary customer support) that I bought a MacBook Pro. Wow. It was like a religious experience. So well designed, sturdy hardware build, incredible quality (that backlit screen - incredible)! I too have had the conversion experience.

Mac is a toy. It's a pretty

Mac is a toy. It's a pretty cool toy. But it's still just a toy. You can make it useful though. Drop to a shell and ssh to a linux machine. Did your Vista nightmare drive you to the mac dark side?

a toy! sacrilege! i poop on

a toy! sacrilege! i poop on your linux machine.

and yea, my run-in with vista did help bolster my love for the only serious alternative :)

seriously though, linux is the clear winner for me for a development system, but for the desktop, os x has it beat, hands down.

OK. I'll have to agree.

OK. I'll have to agree. What is a desktop anyway. It's a windowing interface that let's you run apps. A good desktop is effortless. A development system or server is non-windowing and is preferably effortless. Linux fits the bill on the server. For the desktop: Windows is well, windows. Ubuntu is a major step forward for linux. But mac is admittedly easiest on the desktop. It's almost too easy. It's so easy that you end up using a couple apps and you're done. Windows and gnu have more applications, so you can do more. You can make those apps run on mac, but it's work to do so. I'm an I-nstigator anyway.

Rhino -- please turn in your

Rhino -- please turn in your man card and Flogging Molly appreciation card to the issuing authority as soon as possible.

Awesome! Oh, and that

Awesome! Oh, and that reminds me... I need to pay the $100 quarterly fee to Apple to get the latest patches for my iPersonality.

I feel you man. I was on

I feel you man. I was on the Norton AntiSpam team at Symantec and when that one shipped they dropped me on the Mac team. I was absolutely dreading it, and then I found the same creeping fear. I... liked Macs... too...


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