amazon release their elastic block store, ebs

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a while ago i posted some performance benchmarks for drupal running on a variety of servers in amazon's elastic compute cloud.

amazon have just released ebs, the final piece of technology that makes their ec2 platform really viable for running lamp stacks stuck as drupal.

ebs, the "elastic block store", provides sophisticated storage for your database instance, with features including:

  • high io throughput
  • data replication
  • large storage capacity
  • hot backups using snapshots
  • instance type portability e.g. quickly swapping your database hardware for a bigger machine.

amazon also have a great mysql on ebs tutorial on their developer connection.

let me know if you've given this a go. it looks like a great platform.

Hi John, As soon as I got

Hi John,

As soon as I got the email I got cracking. I'm going to be writing a post about my experience this week, but to summarize... It's f!@#$ing amazing :)

I had to throw out about 30% of my painstainkingly written code which dealt with compression and s3 syncs which is like losing a pet or something... but a really ugly pet which should never have born at all. Sorry for the bad analogy, but if anyone reading this has tried to get a persistant data store working on ec2 + s3, you'll know what I mean.


Jacob. Great to hear your

Jacob. Great to hear your experience ... I feel kinda bad for your pet though ... maybe you should keep it alive out of pity?

As I type this comment some

As I type this comment some databases and filesystems are being rsynced onto an EBS. I'm really looking forward to this improvement and was hoping that you would provide another benchmark due to the supposed improved IO speeds of EBS.

that's very cool. Totally

that's very cool. Totally agree that it would be great to see a io bound database benchmark for an ebs based install.

unfortunately my recent benchmarks were totally cpu bound and wouldn't expect to see any different with ebs.

how did your tests go?

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