log4drupal now available on github

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both the 5.x and 6.x versions are now available for download on github. sorry, i just can't do CVS anymore. to download:

  1. start by going here: http://github.com/cailinanne/log4drupal
  2. then click the all tags drop-down and choose the appropriate version
  3. then click the download button

a full description of the module is available here

available versions


This is the stable version for Drupal 5.x. Note - if you're upgrading from a previous version, after install, just visit the log4drupal admin page, and make sure your options are okay. Minor changes were made to the admin options.

The major change from previous versions is the new ability to automatically recursively print out arguments. For example :

log_debug("This message will recursively print out the contents of the node variable", $node);


a bug fix to the version described here. allows proper operation if you choose the Path relative to Drupal root option for Filename precision.

I empathise with this

I empathise with this problem. My module is also primarily in Github, however, I do try to update cvs every once and awhile.

If I made some scripts to automate the process of migrating from git to cvs, would you be interested in it? I need to do it for my own modules, too!

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