quetico 2011

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we took a big plunge for our third annual quetico canoe trip, and decided to bring ava along too. thankfully, grandma has been training her for years on both tent etiquette and wilderness survival, so she was well prepped. we still couldn't do it without moral support though, so we also roped in will and erin and 19-month-old per into the crew.

we made sure not to overextend ourselves ava, and planned a very mellow trip. one night at will's family camp just outside the park. paddle-portage-paddle and one night in the park. paddle-portage-paddle and one night again at will's camp.

despite having advanced a whole 500m or so past the park boundary, we landed one of the best campsites i've encountered. vast swaths of gently sloping rock down to the water. lots of rocky coastline to explore, and even a bay with a sandy beach.

ava was an angel in the canoe, thanks in no small part to an awesome tip from my mom's friend howie. gone are the days of children sitting cross legged wet and soggy in a puddle in the bottom of the canoe. in these modern times, ava and per were treated to miniature adirondack lounge chairs. (which, yes, are a bit awkward to carry across a 1km portage, but oh-so-worth the bother.

lots more pictures of our picture-perfect journey here

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