my friend lucy

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ava's visit with grandma overlapped with lucy's visit with her grandma, so ava had a chance to go hang out with lucy and the post family at their cottage on lake superior. ava and lucy last hung out in ottawa in may. they were pretty cute then, but according to witnesses they hit it off especially well this time around. and although i missed the visit, it was beautifully documented in photos by joan.

although the old nature versus nurture issue complicates the analysis, i'm starting to suspect that these two little ones may share some similarity in spirit. for exaple, they are both big fans of the show "little bear" and when they started talking immediately started incorporating phrases and concepts from this show into their speech. of course, "ava" sent lucy the little bear dvds to begin with, so this parallel evolution is none too surprising. odder though, is that their mutual favorite character is a rather strange and minor character : a snake called "no feet".

while they were visiting, ava taught lucy how to "fish". they both enjoyed this activity alot, and lucy kept it up after ava's departure.

in return lucy passed on to ava her "chippy" feeding skills, and by the time she left ava had chippy eating right out of ther hand!

Lucy had a great time with

Lucy had a great time with Ava! She loves to look at the photos from their get together and talk about all the activities they did together.

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